A Review On: Terroir Natural Wine Merchant

As a note to the question “what do they mean natural; is it organic or biodynamic?” Though these winemakers practice organic and often biodynamic farming, many of them have abandoned the personal need of the tag. A large number of the wines are certified, but to others, it’s not important to take on the financial burden, and red tape of receiving the certification. As in, it’s not about the marketability of the word, it’s just what they do. The approach is natural in the farm and in the lack of additives at the winemaking level.

I feel blessed to have a collection this special in our city. There are some truly amazing offerings on this list. If you have trouble translating, just ask one of the guys for help. They are all extremely knowledgeable, and fully prepared to geek out at a moment’s notice. Mark-ups are nominal as compared to many other places around. That said, you won’t see these wines around at too many places – certainly not all in one place. The artisan cheeses are well selected and a nice treat too. On a personal note, thanks for all the Jura blanc!

Check out the recent issue of Wine and spirits which profiles Guilhaume, Luc, and Degan. I did find it interesting that they are referred to as rebels. It’s funny that standing up for the farmer and against manipulated crops and augmented wines is rebelling. Can processes that have been going on for generation upon generation really be rebellious? Not too many years ago it was micro-oxygenation, excessive use of sulfur, and trumping a wine with oak that were considered rebelling.

I say “Rebel On!” Long live natural wine!

Neighborhood: SOMA
1116 Folsom St
(between 7th St & Langton St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 558-9946


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One Response to “A Review On: Terroir Natural Wine Merchant”

  1. Rolf Says:

    Thanks for the great wine tasting experience and your expertise at A16 last night! Lisa and I enjoyed it greatly!!

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